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Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Indo-greek medicine combined with modern science, we don't just treat our patients, we teach our patients.

A unique blend of therapy and counseling that I have developed and perfected through years of medical practice to help patients with all kinds of chronic health issues and especially for sexual health.

Every sexual problem can be treated with the right combination of counseling, and medicine. Unfortunately, most people suffer from sexual problems silently and never seek the help of the right medical professionals.

You can consult me ​​through the consultation form on this website or directly in my clinic and get rid of all the tension, resentment which is harming your relationship with your life partner mainly due to unsatisfied sex life.

Integrating Ancient Medicines with Modern Medical Science

8 years of experience in treating patients from different parts of the country and abroad.


My specialty is treatment and counseling of the following cases – respiratory, sexual disorder, pain management, hair loss, nervous system, urinary and genital system, and cardiovascular system.


I have a lot of experience in Hijama Cupping Therapy and Leach Therapy (Hirudotherapy), many patients have been successfully cured.


I have worked at the Shifa Clinic in Bangalore and Hijama Center in Hyderabad and I am currently working as the Chief Physician at Hamdard Wellness Center in Bangalore.

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Our Services

Unani system of medicine is a complete system, which can treat many chronic health issues. We are mainly focusing on the health issues described below along with herbal medicines and regimental therapy.

Hijama Therapy

Al-Hijama or cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin and body part as prescribed by an Unani physician with the application of the cup.

Venesection (Fasd)

Venesection, also known as phlebotomy or bloodletting, is a medical procedure that involves the removal of blood from the body. Historically, it was used for a wide range of conditions.


Varicose Veins

Varicose veins (Duawli) are enlarged, swollen, tortuous and twisting veins mostly of lower limbs… Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper.

Leech Therapy

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Diabetic Foot

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Sexual Debility

Sex is a major part of happy relationships. Both partners need to show up for each other and be ready to put in the effort. 

Please Pay Attention

If you prefer to consult our doctor through any of these communication channels such as Phone, Whatsapp call, or Zoom, you must pay the fee first, after that, we will provide you the time for consultation, then you can contact the doctor.

Increase Immunity with Unani Medicine

Coronaviruses are a type of virus. There are many different kinds, and some cause disease. A newly identified coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has caused a worldwide pandemic of respiratory illness, called COVID-19
Dr.Mohammed Hussain
Unani Physician

Arq Ajeeb, Unani Medicine - Dr. Hussain interview to Power TV Bangalore

Arq-e-Ajeeb 2-5 drops

Below mentioned Unani herbs have shown few leads to possess certain antiviral activities. They may be used under the supervision of a qualified Unani physician.


Kalonji (Nigella sativa): 1-2 gm
Seer (Allium sativum): 2-3 gm
Gilo (Tinospora cordifolia): 5-10 gm
Zanjabeel (Zingiber officinale): 5 gm
Aslassus (Glycyrrhiza glabra): 5-10 gm
Afsanteen (Artemisia absinthium): 3-5 gm
Tukhm-e-Kasoos (Cuscuta reflexa): 15 gm (seeds)
Khayarshamber (Cassia fistula): 10-20 gm (pulp) for gargle

Dr.Mohammed Hussain
Unani Physician

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Happy Stories

Alhumdulillah Getting myself treated at Hamdard Wellness Centre Bangalore has been my wisest decision, thanks to my uncle Altaf Ahmed ❤ who got me here.. Dr. Mohammed Hussain Shariff is the best doctor I have come across.. I had severe wheezing issues and tried many treatments but all went in vain, I really like his way of diagnosing and analyzing the illness, during the process of consultation itself I felt am in safe hands. Now 40 days on with medications my problem is under control up to 60% and firmly hoping to get absolutely normal in a couple of months. The Centre is well equipped, modernized, imparts hygiene standards, amazing hospitality by the staff, Affordable medication with almost no side effects, Affordable consultation charges and the most of all the satisfaction and happiness of getting treated at the right place and by the right doctor is beyond expressing hence highly recommended. Azakallahu Khair

Aamir Ali


Dr. Hussain and Hamdard thanks a lot, Unani treatment is much much better than allopathy in dementia treatment, Hamdard and Dr. Hussain both are helping us not only to stop but to reverse, we wish Hamdard all the best and also we would encourage the Hamdard for aggressive marketing which will be very helpful for ppl with dementia and human mankind.

Thank you

Gaurav Bhatia


Dr.Hussain listens to the problems, understand by asking the right questions. His prescription is very good. I was able to see the results in 2 weeks of time. The clinic is also a very clean, hygienic environment, very polite staff. Overall happy with Hamdard medicines and wellness centre.

Kannan Uthandan

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What is this Unani system of medicine and how does it work?

The changing lifestyle has raised awareness about Unani treatment.
Dr.Mohammed Hussain
Unani Physician